Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fortnite Season 9: All Battle Pass Skins
Fortnite Season 9 themed the future with a new shiny cyberpunk theme.  Most Battle Pass Season 9 skins reflect that theme, with everything from battle to anime-inspired cyber warriors available to open this season.

  • Sentinel
 Tier Unlocked: 1
 Sentinel is a robot chicken. Seth Green is nowhere in sight, but this skin is still pretty cool, with unlockable styles and colors that help Sentinel look a bit less fowl.
  • Rox

Tier Unlocked: 1
    Rox is a sky pilot/racer type character that has a distinctly anime-esque look and feel to her. Her outfit starts as futuristic pastel street clothes that eventually evolve into the suit above. She’s also got a ton of different unlockable cosmetic options to choose from, which make her one of the season’s most customizable skins.
  • Bunker Jonesey

Tier Unlocked: 23
   Jonesey is doing his best impression of Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” with this skin. After years stuck in the bunker after Season 8’s volcanic eruption, Jonesey is looking a bit bedraggled. This mad hermit also has a few cosmetic variants… namely ones that showcase the unfortunate fate of his banana companion.
  • Vega

TierUnlocked: 47

  Vega is a futuristic bounty hunter sporting a look that takes distinct cues from Star Wars and Mass Effect. Like this season’s other skins, she comes with a few different color variations so you can make the look your own.

  • Stratus

Tier Unlocked: 71
  Stratus is a skin showcasing both form and function. While definitely stylish, this reactive skin includes a few items that allow players to track the location of the storm in real time without having to use the mini-map. This fits with the storm-chaser theme of the skin.

  • Demi

Tier Unlocked: 87
 Demi looks for all the world like the alternate universe love-child of Resident Evil’s Ada Wong and Iron Man, dropped into the world of Deus Ex. We’re not sure how practical a tight dress and heels are on the battlefield, but Demi seems to make it work.
  • Sentinel (Alternate)

 Tier Unlocked: 99
 Sentinel’s alternate skin gives him a much more menacing robot sentai look. Sporting this look basically turns Sentinel into a mecha-samurai, and is certainly worthy of its high tier.
  • Vendetta

Tier Unlocked: 100
Vendetta skin Tier 100 this season, who seems to be this season’s big bad. He takes definite visual cues from Destiny’s Cayde-6, with a hint of the villain from “Big Hero 6” mixed in for good measure. The skin starts as a nondescript guy in relatively normal looking street clothes, and eventually upgrades into the battlesuit seen above. With plenty of colors and styles thrown in the mix, this skin seems like a fitting Tier 100 reward.

Let's start earning some Battle Stars...

Monday, May 20, 2019

Best of Final Fantasy XV Cosplay
  Here are some of the best Final Fantasy XV cosplay approaching the original, some even say it's better than the original. Definitely cool if it's made a live action  version.

Noctis by Narcisse

Gladius by Lion

Aranea by Alyson Tabbitha

Top Game Release This Week (May 2019)

  Some people may really want a new game to be played this month, along with a game that will be released on the third week of May 2019, an end result of a long effort to produce pretty good games.

  • Dauntless - May 21
Platform : PS4,XBox One,PC

   Dauntless is about taking down big beasts, called Behemoths, with your friends - think of it like a free-to-play Monster Hunter.  You can choose from a variety of weapons and all kinds of cosmetics to customize your particular hunter.  Dauntless is leaving for full launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this week, while it is planned for a later date.

  • Resident Evil 1/4/0 - May 21
Platform : Switch

   Judul ketiga Resident Evil ini semuanya dijual terpisah di Eshop, tetapi Anda dapat mengambil Resident Evil 1 dan 0 di Koleksi Origins gabungan di ritel.  Bintang permainan asli Chris Redfield dan Jill Valentine di Spencer Mansion, 0 adalah prekuel yang menampilkan Rebecca Chambers dan Billy Coen di fasilitas yang memerlukan, dan 4 melihat Leon Kennedy mencari putri presiden di Spanyol.

  • Team Sonic Racing - May 21
Platform : Ps4,XboxOne,PC,Switch

As the name implies, Team Sonic Racing is about winning together - but not always by coming in first place.  Other game modes challenge you to collect rings or get the fastest lap time.  You can customize every character's kart to your liking too.

  • Observation
Platform : PS4,PC

  Observation is set on a space station where something went very wrong, and it's up to Dr.  Emma Fisher to figure out what happened.  But you don't play this sci-fi thriller as her;  instead, you control SAM, the station's AI.  You'll use a variety of tools to examine various chambers and open doors as you guide the doctor around.

  • Total War - Three Kingdoms (May 23)
Platform : PC

The long-running strategy series is headed to China for the first time, where 12 different factions can battle for control.  Victory is achieved by capturing a city or by slaying the opposing army's generals.  It's not simple, though, as the generals you choose create certain limitations for the troops you command during battle.

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Airdrop EVEN Token

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 Crosschain of smart contracts

 Create smart contracts, define their launch hierarchies and conditions of execution, and route them on multiple blockchain platforms.

 Light technologies

 The Rated DAG algorithm allows running nodes on smartphones and high-speed transactions, while also allowing for easy network scalability.

 Business Model

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 - full set of decentralized application development instruments including Framework, dCloud, dStorage crosschain smart contracts.

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The Top 20 Best Players FIFA19,Ronaldo is still number one
   Players are listed in the order given in the official FIFA 19 rankings.Build your dream team with the following best lines..

11. ST Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) – 90 overall

Thursday, May 9, 2019

PS5 Specifications | Ryzen,Navi,8K
This console will bring a more sophisticated innards than the PlayStation 4 (PS4) released 6 years ago.

 Mark Cerny, one of Sony's executives responsible for designing the PS4 engine, revealed the key specifications of the PlayStation 5 console. According to Cerny in an interview with Wired, the PS5 will be driven by a third generation AMD Ryzen processor.

 PlayStation 5 using a processor with an architecture similar to the previous PS4, PS5 can also run various games made for the PS4.  Not only that, the PS4 game's performance will also increase when running on PS5.

Cerny had the chance to demonstrate the Spiderman game which requires 15 seconds loading time on PS4 Pro.  He then runs the same game on a PS5 developer kit device.  The loading time decreases dramatically to only 0.8 seconds.

 This is because the PS5 is equipped with Solid State Drive (SSD) storage media specifically designed for PS5 in contrast to conventional hard drives on the PS4.  Cerny himself hasn't mentioned the console as the "PlayStation 5".  The name is just a public prediction.

  The Ryzen processor in the heart of the PS5 is made using 7nm fabrication.  There is also a graphics processor (GPU) AMD Radeon Navi.  The combination of these two components, plus an SSD, will greatly improve the performance of the PS5 compared to the PS4 and all its variants.

Various new features are also presented by newer PS5 components, including ray tracing support for realistic lighting effects and 8K resolution capabilities.

 The audio sector did not escape being updated and on the PS5 was handled by a special sound processor that was also made by AMD.  Cerny promises PS5 audio quality will increase considerably compared to the previous PS4.

 PS5 development itself is still in the testing phase by game developers through the device developer kit.  Not yet explained when the new game console from Sony will be released to the market.
According to Pelham Smithers, MD of market research firm Pelham Smithers Associates, which specializes in Japanese manufacturing, the PS5 will use an AMD Ryzen 3600G processor.

 What is the basis of these allegations?  From what Sony has revealed about the capabilities of the PS5, the console needs a 7nm 8-core Ryzen CPU that has a number of the features mentioned above.

As for the PS5 price, we can report from NDTV's Gadgets 360 citing a reddit post / r / xboxone claiming a shelf price of $ 399.  And healthy alternative NeoGAF ResetEra, it could easily be counted up to a safe guess considering a current-gene PS4 Pro would set you back the same amount.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Final Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers pre-order Now
Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, the next major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. It will launch in early summer 2019.

Tension grips the land as six nations now stand allied against the Imperial armies of Garlemald.

With the threat of war on the horizon, the Warrior of Light comes face to face with an old enemy seemingly risen from the ashes—Zenos.

Ala Mhigo is at last free from imperial rule, but that liberty may prove fleeting as the Empire moves to both reclaim this bloodied nation and subjugate all of Eorzea.
In their hour of need, however, they cannot turn to the Warrior of Light. Nor to the Scions, who yet slumber, their souls adrift. The realm is left to struggle without its saviors, for they have been beckoned beyond time and space─beckoned to the First.

Here a new adventure begins in a world where light ushers all unto oblivion. But hope is not yet lost, for where there is light there is shadow.

Could this impending conflict serve as a catalyst for an eighth and final umbral era?

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Collector Edition :

Physical - $199.99
Digital Download - $59.99

Physical - $199.99
Digital Download - $59.99
* NOTE: The physical Windows® version does not include a game disc

Digital Download - $59.99
* NOTE: Mac version is only available as a Digital Download

Standar Edition :

Physical and Digital Download - $39.99

Digital Download - $39.99
* NOTE: Windows version is only available as a Digital Download

Digital Download - $39.99
* NOTE: Mac version is only available as a Digital Download

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God Of War Chains Of Olympus [PSP]
The word speaks of a mortal is slayed a God. But long before his battle with Ares, Kratos sought absolution from his past was a champion to the Gods. These brutal crusades in the name of Olympus became legendary. The ordered by the Gods Ghost of Sparta is to journey the underworld, after the world plunges into darkness. The Ancient World from Certain Destruction.

Drive | Mega |Mirror

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate
London. 1868. The Industrial Revolution. An age of invention and prosperity, built on the backs of working class slaves. Play as gangster assassin Jacob Frye or his twin sister Evie as you recruit your gang to fight for justice on behalf of the oppressed working class. Lead the underworld to take back London in a visceral adventure filled with action, intrigue and brutal combat.

Note: Game for PS4 – not use PS3

CUSA02389 – USA

Game + Update 1.52

CUSA02389 – USA

Pass : Andrelo
Radi 5.0 ENGLISH NEW! PUBG MOBILE Tencent Gaming Buddy Aimbot Legit, Wallhack, No Recoil, ESP
For V7 Change Client to English Language, Open use Run as Administrator (normal) - No Need run as Japan! ( KHUSUS V7 Gak perlu pakai Run as in Japan)
(Click "Download Here" First, Next Select your choice | V2,V4,V5 or V6)



**Turn Off All Antivirus <<<
**Turn Off Windows Defender
**Install Vcredist 2008,2010,2013,2015 & 2017
**Install Netframe New 
**Install Direct 11

1. Open Tencent Gaming Buddy 
2. Click Setting (Check screenshot tutorial!)

3. Select Basics - > Language -> change Chinese language

4. Select Engine -> Click DirectX+

5. Change HD 1080P


1. Exit Tencent Gaming Buddy 

(Check icon on Taskbar (Richt Click and Exit)
2. Open Folder Locale 2.4.00
3. Right Click Run as Administrator LEInstaller.exe

4. Click Isntall for All Users and click Ok

5. Click "Edit Global profile list"

6. Change to Run in Japanese (ADMIN)

7. Check Location (Chinese (simplefied, PRC)
8. Check Advanced Options
~Click Run as ad administrator
~Click Fake Registry
~Cliick Show this profile in main menu


NEXT -> Find Folder Tencent Gaming Buddy

1. Play PUBG Mobile on Tencent (Set CN Lang on emulator, Directx + and 1080p)

2. Open Cit (When Waiting PLANE) / or lobby (Use run in japanese)


Credit Web Hack China Server / VN Hack, DEGO Team