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Free Noctis For iCLoNe

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Free Noctis iHair for Iclone,

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Download : Noctis iHair

IcLoNe Mega Bundle Assassins

This Assassins Mega Bundle delivers awesome dressing combinations, offering an easy way for you to define your own dark heroes made for PBR render engines like iClone 7, Unreal, and Unity.
These great production assets are perfect if you are a game designer, or a 3D animation team as you will not only receive the 3D character models, but also the 3D bases for
clothing and accessory customization.
By using the Substance-enabled Appearance Editor in Character Creator 2.0 you can import your own custom texture maps, access powerful dynamic material editing features, and create thousands of modified PBR looks for your assassin clothes and equipments.
With this pack you will get a great collection of Assassin-related attires and accessories such as:
- Hats (Hood)
- Clothes (Cloak, Corset, Warrior Bra, Warrior Overskirt, Warrior Underwear, Medieval Tunic, Assassin Coat, Medieval Skirt, Medieval Doublet, Medieval Jerkin, Warrior Trousers, Shoulder Armor, Medieval holster-bandolier)
- Gloves (Archery Gauntlets)
- Shoes (Medieval Boots)
- Accessories (Medieval Arm Guard, Quiver, Arrows, Bow, Dagger)
Additionally, this pack includes four styles of coats, along with 12 assassin and civilian projects as a BONUS and collection of unique assassin motions like: dodging, sneaking, crouching, scouting, tightrope walking, evasion, detection, jumping, attacking, dagger attack combo, archery shot, and a set of roll stunt motions.

Assassin Coat



Medieval Tunic

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Download Berserk Musou PSN
Berserk (working title) will fuse the signature ‘one versus thousands’ style action of the long-running Warriors franchise with the grim and gruesome atmosphere of the world of Berserk. As players harness the power of Guts’ Great Sword and utilize the swift and agile swordplay of Griffith to slash and smash through hordes of enemies, players familiar with the Warriors series will be able to feel the difference in gameplay through the way each character handles combat. The game will also incorporate various battle mechanics to better bring the world of Berserk to life, such as Magic and Transformations.

  • Just to remind you guys that this game didn't get an english release on the PS3, only on PS4.

Link Direct: Download– Fix + DLC: Download

Link Google: Download – Fix + DLC: Download


Download this game for ver PC (windows, Mac) : Download

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Noob or Pro? Here are The Five Signs You Are a PUBG Noob Player

 Try to read and look carefully at this article, of the fifth signs that distinguish pro players from PUBG Mobile Noob players do you have one of them or not?

1. Inventory Management

The first natural signs if you are one of the PUBG M players is not paying attention to inventory management. What is inventory management? It is a skill in arranging items or loot taken.

Usually, if all new players are hit by all, take who knows what to wear later. You guys want war, not want to throw arms on the black market. So as much as possible just take what you need.

Then it's also a bullet, surely you if you kill another player, the loot that you target first is a bullet. As much as possible or as many bullets as possible you try to bring it. Even though it's actually not necessary.

You only need to carry enough bullets by counting the number of players that are still alive, then how many bullets are needed to kill one player.

That way your inventory will remain wide and the options for items that you can loot are increasingly diverse. This is also to save your time in doing loot because surely you usually need a long time to calculate which items will be discarded.

Even though doing fast loot is very necessary because you will not know that there are enemies who can attack you and you die silly because you are too long to do a loot.

2. Cooking The Grenade
  Throwing grenades also turned out there was a trick that was generally unknown to PUBG Mobile players.

Cooking grenade is meant to hold for a while before throwing it, so it can explode without time consuming. This is very useful in raiding players hiding inside buildings.

Usually the players will immediately hurry to throw the grenade in hand. If you notice the grenade you are throwing has about six to seven seconds before finally "BOOOM !!!"

This time can be used by your opponents to avoid the grenades that you throw, especially the grenades you throw have a fairly strong impact before exploding.

To avoid this cooking the grenade is very necessary, hold at least three seconds left before the grenade explodes and throw and the opponent will not have enough time to dodge.

3. Don't be a Statue

Then the sign or sign that you are the third PUBG Mobile player is that you always become a statue or sculptor during a shootout. Yes, sometimes the controls are far different when compared to the PC version can indeed be used as a reason.

Why do you always keep quiet like a statue when a shootout takes place, because it is indeed difficult and the controls on the smartphone for laymen only rely on two thumbs up. But still that is one sign that you are Noob.

Keep on practicing so you can shoot while moving right or left, what purpose? So that the opponent is difficult to hit you, especially if you fight in close range. You have to practice this continuously because this is a difficult thing.

4. Checking Opposition in Buildings

The fourth point is one of the most fatal mistakes that is often carried out by M PUBG players. As long as they enter the existing building because panic is pursued by the safe zone. Before entering into a building, make sure you do the following things.

First determine the direction where you are and the team will go, second if you look at the building and want to enter it, check first from a distance using the scope held by your sniper or marksman.

Check whether the building door is wide open, then whether there are vehicles parked wildly around the building. If it's not there then you can get close. But keep in mind that the building is not completely empty.

Use your map and ears to check if there are other people's footsteps inside the building. If indeed there are no footsteps that are heard you also may not enter immediately.

Use molotov or flash grenade to do the clearing and indeed if there are people inside, they can't help but move to avoid the projectile throwing from you. That way you can determine easily whether the building is safe or not.

5. Switching Armor

The fifth point may not be that many do this, either because they are lazy or because they don't know the right way to calculate the effectiveness of an item's durability.

Therefore, in order not to become a Noob PUBG Mobile player, this is one of the things you should pay attention to. Indeed, many of you prefer to use level three armor or helmets even though the durability of the items is no longer good.

But in fact it is the wrong thing to do. The case is like this, if you use a level three helmet and armor it is clear that you will feel safe because you are super kerad.

But if the durability or durability has stayed a little, you should replace it with the new armor and helmet available. Because it could only hold two or three shots of your armor to be destroyed, so it's better to use a new level two armor and helmet, right?

It's not as good as level three armor and helmets for defense, but at least with item durability that is still 100 percent, the chances of you surviving will be much greater.

There are still five more that we will discuss in the second part or part, about signs that you are a PUBG Mobile player.

If indeed you have never done some of the things we have mentioned, don't be afraid. Because all can be trained to become accustomed and of course you will be even better again.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

11 Tips to Become a PUBG Pro Player
PUBG has become a hype among gamers around the world. Because the gameplay is unique and very interesting. Here's a brief and useful guide for you PCBB and Mobile PUBG players. This basic knowledge will be very useful when you play.Check this out...

1.  Use Molotov Bombs

For some players molotof bombs are less useful and rarely used. But actually the molasses bomb is very important to carry. At least you have one molotof bomb. One day you will be faced with an unexpected situation where the grenade runs out. We can make an enemy who is behind the door hit by damage when we throw the molotof bomb at the door. Then the door will become hollow. So that your enemy will get damage. Then you just need to mobilize to finish off your enemies.

2. Save Disconnect Friends

The first thing you need is a vehicle that is a bug or an ordinary car. Don't use a jeep because you will get your friend killed. You can take your friends as shown below by clicking on the car. Walk slowly so as not to fall and you can bring it to safe zone while your friends reconnect.

3. Chasing The Airdrop

You can find out the distance from Airdrop by using the tags " enemies ahead " to find out what distance is needed. Then you can mark it on your folder and find airdrop.

4. Use Box Stacks

To kill your enemy in Georgopol. You can go to the warehouse then go up between the boxes then push and be ready to kill your enemies with the weapons you have without being seen by the enemy.

5. Detect Day/Night Mode

To find out the day or night mode, you can see it in the lower right corner.

6. Lv.3 Helmet Durability

From a distance of 200 m when using a kar98 lv3 helmet you will receive 82% damage, then when using m24 you will receive 87% damage, and of course if you use the AWM your lv3 helmet will not be useful because you will receive 100% damage

7. Destroying Vehicles

Buggy cars require at least 38 M416 bullets, 38 L scar bullets, 38 38 qbz bullets, 33 bullet axles, 33 LPs 33 bullets and 41 41 bullets before finally exploding and breaking down.

For ordinary cars, it requires an M416 45 bullet, a L 45 bullet scar, a 45 bullet qbz, 38 bullet batteries, 28 38 bullets and 48 bullets before it is destroyed.

Then for the Jeep M416 as many as 49 bullets, L 49 bullets scar, 49 bullet QBZ, 42 AKM bullets, 28 42 42 bullets and 53 bullets. Before finally being destroyed.

8. Faster Landing

Mark the landing location first, point around 90 degrees to the location and look down. While the left analog is directed like exactly 10 o'clock. Then you will slide faster down and the location you mark.

9. Tips to Jump from the Top of a Building Without Damage

You can jump between buildings to kill your enemies by connecting between windows. you can also use it when you descend from top to bottom without the slightest damage one of them is by sticking between the windows.

10. Take an airdrop or loot in the water

You cannot replace weapons in water. Therefore to take loot or airdroop it is recommended before plunging into the water. You must throw away one of the weapons you have. So you can take priority weapons.

11. Cars are stuck

Have you ever experienced something like the snagging of your car, you can use bombs to make the car move. But your car will also be damaged due to the damage given by the bomb. It's good to look for another car. But if there is no choice what to do.

Download PS3 Games - FIFA 19
EA Sports FIFA 19 delivers a champion-caliber experience on and off the pitch. Introducing the prestigious UEFA Champions League, offering authentic in-match atmospheres, featuring gameplay updates including elevated on-pitch personality and a striking overhaul, and providing new and unrivaled ways to play. Champions Rise in FIFA 19.


* UEFA Champions League coming to FIFA 19 — There’s no higher level in club football than the UEFA Champions League. Dreams are achieved and legends are made in this historic tournament that showcases the best clubs in the world. FIFA 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch is infused with the UEFA Champions League, thanks to official match presentation, a variety of tournament experiences that includes the Europa League and Super Cup, and an all-new commentary team in Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

* Brand new modes — Experience the all-new standalone UEFA Champions League mode to play the famous tournament from the group stage to the final at the The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid. Discover deep integration of the massive club competition in both Kick Off and Career Mode. Build your dream squad with live UEFA Champions League and Europa League content updates in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. No matter where or how you play FIFA 19, you can experience the greatest club football competition in the world.

Download :

* BLES02258 - EUR | Google Drive | Miror Link Google Drive | MEGA |

* BLES02258 - EUR (ver PKG HAN) | Google Drive |

Link UPD + FIX + Chip ODE : Zippy

* BLUS31617 - USA | Google Drive | Mega |
Pass : Damianyc

Link UPD + FIX + Chip ODE. : | Mega |

IGN Released Top 10 Best-Selling Games of All Time
Tens since he began to enter into the mainstream entertainment industry, many games have succeeded to exist across generations, with a series that continued to slide for decades to the past decades. The question that always haunts the minds of gamers? Of all the titles that were released to the market, which one deserves the title of the best-selling among the best-selling.

That was the question that the giant gaming site - IGN tried to answer in their latest article. Claiming that this list is based on the most accurate data they can find, from financial reports, game news, interviews, and various other sources, they try to build an objective list. Of course this data is based on sales figures from the release of each game until the end of March 2019 yesterday. IGN also ensures that this list also calculates games that were bundled with the console release, but overrides all titles distributed in the F2P format. Of course, it is based on sales throughout the world.

So, which games deserve to be named the bestseller of all time and the history of the gaming industry stand? The following is a list summarized by IGN:

10. Diablo 3 (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PS3, PC) - 30 million copies

9. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo Wii) - 33.09 million copies

8. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo Wii) - 37.14 million copies

7. Super Mario Bros. (NES / Famicom, GBA, Virtual Console - Wii, Wii U, 3DS) - 40 million copies

6. Pokemon Red / Blue / Green / Yellow (GB, Virtual Console - Nintendo 3DS) - 45+ million copies
5. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - 50+ million copies

4. Wii Sports (Nintendo Wii) - 82.86 million copies

3. GTA V (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC) - 100+ million copies

2. Minecraft (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, PC) - 154+ million copies

1. Tetris (almost on all platforms / calculated from all versions) - 500+ million copies

Cheaper, Apple Sells Official iPhone X Refurbish

As we know in September 2018, Apple has announced the latest iPhone X series, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Apple has presented several major changes such as the Apple A12 chipset to the use of AMOLED screens on the latest iPhone X.

The shocking news came from Apple where Apple reportedly sold an old iPhone X refurbished version on its official sales site. This is the first done by Apple, where previously Apple had never sold a refurbished version of the iPhone device which was an item that did not meet the standards when it was being produced at the factory.

Although Apple sells products that should not be sold, the manufacturer guarantees that the product is still suitable for use. Based on information on the official website, Apple has held a certified refurbish goods program, so that the iPhone X has been refurbished to be tested again to meet the usage requirements.

Users also still get the same sales package as the usual iPhone X and get a limited warranty for 1 year. Interestingly, the refurbished iPhone X version is sold at prices starting at US $ 769 which is close to the price of the iPhone XR which comes with faster performance thanks to the latest Apple A12 chipset, but only uses an LCD screen and single camera. Unfortunately Apple is reportedly only selling iPhone refurbish products online and only available in the United States and the UK.