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Combo Pack - Gun Fighter Motion
Combo Pack - Gun Fighter Motion
Password : 3D.iClone.2018
For iClone 5.5 or above
This excellent motion pack includes 1 gun-toting tin man character and 61 shooting and combat animations, which are best for modern battle or Sci-fi scenes.
The Motions in this pack contain a variety of shooter's actions such as aiming, shooting, reloading gun, kicking, taking gun from waist, idle and more.
The simple characters in this pack are designed to accommodate a particular type of weapon motion as opposed to presenting a fancy visual appearance, making them perfect for supporting roles in a crowded battle scene.
Pack includes: 1 Character (Gun Fighter), 61 Motions
Password : 3D.iClone.2018

Motion Pack - Rifle Combat COMBO

Motion Pack - Rifle Combat COMBO
Password : iClone.2018.3D.iClone
For iClone 6.0 or above
A specially designed motion system includes Patrol, Guard, Assault and Prone Attack animations that ensure smooth transitions between primary and secondary stance
modes. This system offers high-flexibility for studio animation production, and interactive game character controls. Each motion category can be flexibly blended
 and adapted for any specific long sequence.
Pack includes: 117 Motions


Rifle Combat

Password : iClone.2018.3D.iClone

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Magical Moves

Motion Pack - Magical Moves

For iClone 6.5 or above
Magical Moves include both graceful spell-casting movements for female healers and sorceress, along with impact movements such as ground pounding, blast throwing and thunder casting for mythical power actions. These motions are suitable for casting natural spells such as water, wind and forest, or to show the power of fireballs, frost and lightning. They can be used in giving the power of restoration, illusion and invisibility or demonstrating the power of destruction and incantation.
Casting types range from long staff, magic wand and bare hand movements. There are 44 magical moves for four combat moods: Summon, Endure, Defend and Attack; allowing you to easily create interactive magical battles!
Great for fantasy movie themes such as; "The Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter" or classical game titles like "World of Warcraft" or "Skyrim"; these motion packs are also suitable for use in Sci-Fi or superhero themes to show stunning visual effects through super powers.
All the Magic Moves motions can combine with the latest iClone particle effects: PopcornFX Super Tools, PopcornFX Library 40 to create various types of magic such as; thunder bolts, burning flames, Icy frost, whiling leaves, trailing demons, flying bats and more. Use everything at your disposal to conjure stunning, breath-taking visual effects that will certainly bring your animations to another dimension!
Pack includes : 44 Motions
attack x 11, Summon x 18, Defense x 7, Endure x 8

Password : Abu.khaled2018


Magical Moves


Toon Mega Bundle

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Dinosaurs Bundle Pack

  Dinosaurs Bundle Pack contains a fully animated dinosaurs for iClone including high-quality Embedded Animations.The Creatures are supplied in different color schemes as an iClone iProp with embedded animations.
Each Character use high quality texture maps and ap shots.
As animated Props, each Character provide additional functionalities such as the capability to use the multi-duplicate iClone feature and the capability to apply key frames to the scaling of bones which may be required by some of the provided custom animations.
Pack includes: 13 Props (with Motions)
Props Pack Dinosaurs Bundle Pack with Motions

Password : Al.khames