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Review InFamous:Second Son

    Battle of two consoles giant persists, between the xbox one and ps4 clashing provide best deals. In case we will discuss the exclusive games of ps4 "inFamous:Second Son".
inFAMOUS: Second Son Limited Edition (PlayStation 4)
   New generation,new engine, the level of visualization of the new, the third of these factors could not seem to be separated when assessing the games latest released in Playstation 4 and Xbox One. With the hardware capabilities of a stronger, into something very rational to look forward to a breakthrough developers and publisher itself. And as usual, Sucker Punch execute it is very well. comes with the visual quality of a very represent the ability next- gene, you will love since the first sight. Waluapun not present with the quality texture an incredible, there are some new technology embedded, including the most obvious- ability Infamous to project emotions via faces with more detail. Games color and quality lighting offered also one of the best in the industry today. Apart from the fact that this is the latest series and prime for Playstation 4, Sucker Punch itself does not inject the sensation of a significant innovation for Infamous: Second Son if you could play a two previous series in Playstation 3.

      Taking Seattle as the main settings, you still offered a world open world that have been free explored since the beginning of the game. The new character- Delsin Rowe was successfully" broke away" of the shadow of the main character ago- Cole MacGrath through the ability superpowernya a more diverse. And of course, you also equipped with a series of the primary mission and side- mission that sometimes, should ask you to select the path moral remain clearly visible.
       While waiting time a more proportional to perform the reviews, as well as a better understanding of the difference between moral good and bad in the story and gameplay, let us first throw a myriad of a screenshot fresh from oven in article preview of this. Of course, solely to help you catch a little picture will be the quality of visualization of such as what offered by him.

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inFAMOUS: Second Son Limited Edition (PlayStation 4)

by phantom
I've played and thoroughly enjoyed the first two games in the franchise and was eagerly awaiting the third iteration. In fact, the reason I purchased a PS4 in its infancy state was for this game. I'm glad my purchase was not in vain.

I've completed the game as a hero in expert mode. The AI in expert is great. Although the story is pretty straight forward, it's still good. Out of the three games in the franchise, this is the least challenging but still fun. I've begun to play the evil side of the game and will update my review once I've finished it.

1. Visually, this is the best looking game for the current generation of consoles.
2. Thus far, the story is engaging and I'm really enjoying the dialog. The voice acting is incredible. I really like the main character, he comes off as very believable. The first two games hosted Cole as the main character. He was dark even when playing as a hero. Delsin is the opposite and it works for me because too much of the same gets boring and he just fits very well.
3. The open world based on Seattle is gorgeous and full of life.
4. The gameplay is comparable to the first two in the series but smoother and more refined. The new powers are fresh and fantastic. Touch pad, controller speaker, and motion controls are implemented and it works extremely well.

Simply put, I'm having a blast with this game and that's what is important.

Two weeks before the game launched, I created an account on a site called Paper Trail is a site created by Sucker Punch that links to Infamous Second Son. A few days before the game lunched, I received a packet containing some sensory items and postcards. The instructions pointed me to the Paper Trail site and directed to take a test. The tests were based on visual, smell, and sound. It was a nice little addition that adds value to the game. By completing this test among a couple of other tasks on the site you open up a serious of missions within the actual inFamous game (you must link your PSN ID on the site).

These extra missions are a blast. They're a mixture of "real-life" detective work on your computer and in-game content.

The collectors Edition includes a few physical items and an in-game digital vest (I added an image of the physical content on the product page). Is it worth the extra $20? That depends? If you love the franchise, yes! Can you live without is? That depends. If you get the standard version, you'll miss out on some in-game DLC that's only available with the Limited and Collector's editions. This DLC will NOT be available for purchase later down the road so I highly suggest you purchase the Limited or Collector's editions.

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inFAMOUS: Second Son Limited Edition (PlayStation 4)    

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Review Metal Gear Solid:Phantom Pain(PreOrder)

      As we know that the Metal Gear Solid: Ground zeroes are the game a very short and does not require a long time to resolve this game, but not to Phantom pain, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain will switch to open- world,This will make Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain much larger and interesting of the previous series, it is delivered in the event E3 last year.
Pre-Order Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Xbox One
  The series creator Metal Gear Solid" Hideo Kojima" claim Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain hundreds of times greater than Ground zeroes, about 200 times greater than Ground zeroes. At the launch of the PS4 in Japan 22 February Hideo Kojima admitted no games great Japanese who are ready for next- gen consoles, at the time Metal Gear Solid who process is nearing completion, and the fans urged the release of game for the next- gen consoles, then Ground zeroes will soon released to the market.

   Metal Gear Solid: Ground zeroes will release March 18 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, while the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is expected to be completed next year, and Hideo Kojima stated interest to bring Metal Gear Solid V to the PC.

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Review Far Cry 3 Xbox and PC (Optimized Requirements)

     In the latest series Far Cry 3 revolves around a group of ankle- tattoed that was on vacation in an island where where they have the incidence of the unexpected, members were kidnapped by a psychopath cruel but charismatic on an island beautiful tropical tub heaven. And player' s task is saved him. Players act as Jason Brody in this game, not the existing in front cover Far Cry 3.
$29.99 to Far Cry 3-PC[Download]

Jason Brody
    Things to almost all games open- world need, spec qualified, because the average games open- world is the game considerable weight. Game sandbox first person claim Ubisoft has a quality of outstanding graphics.
     In the Far Cry 3 players can get around the island with the jeep c4, to infiltrate enemy bases or start the crossfire. The most fun is hunting, we can hunt bears, crocodiles, dingo, and other wildlife. Not only on land, we can also an adventure in the sea, struggling with sharks, down the cave under the sea, explore the shipwreck, including looting wreckage. There are many tower radio scattered throughout the island, Jason Brody can climb to expand the reach map, knowing the location seller weapons and other important information.

     Character Brody in this game at first is not have the ability that can be reliable, can not kill with a knife, even for running distance was not able to, but this will make this game more attractive, player will continue to learn and learning. In the Far Cry 3 player must conquer the camps small enemy that there is almost in each side of the island, but after successful in seize the region will be the region that can be managed untukmendapatkan reward, player can also expand the region to the big island in the south.
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 weighing what Far Cry 3? The following information system requirements Far Cry 3

Minimum Requirements
-Intel Pentium D920 2.8 GHz (AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 3600+)
-Nvidia GeForce 8600GT (Radeon 2600 Pro)
-2Gb ram,12Gb HDD space,DirectX 9,Win Xp 32
-Low setting

Recomended Requirements
-Intel Core i3-530 2.9GHz ( AMD Phenom II x2 565)
-Nvidia GeForce GT 640 1Gb DDR3 (Radeon HD4850)
-4Gb ram,12Gb HDD space,DirectX 11,Win 7 64
-Medium-High setting

Hi-Performance Requirements
-Intel Core i7 2700k 4-core 3.50GHz (AMD Fx 4130)
-Nvidi GeForce GTX 260  (Radeon 6770)
-8Gb ram,12 Gb HDD space,DirectX 11,Win 7 64
-Ultra setting

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Game Review: Titanfall

    Titanfall been played over 2 million gamer.Maret Titanfall will be present for the PC and Xbox One, initiated America and Europe, to consoles and other regions following after.For details please see below post.

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       A few days  again Titanfall will release, many gamers that his attention focused to Titanfall because in the bundling with the next- gen consoles of Microsof, Xbox One. Titanfall continue to be a material talks last few months, some of the award has been achieved from various events, even Beta version    
        A few days ago also has released a video trailer lasted nearly 2 minutes that describe the online campaign mode, large-scale battles, and are often rumored to feature zipline .. it is a lot of trailer stating that Titanfall like Call of Duty and Hawken, there is also a mention Titanfall like Call of Duty with large robots, probably because Titanfall is the result of hard work cold hands Respawn Entertainment which also contains the veteran Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but still it is a FPS game Titanfall different and there are nine unik.Dalam Titanfall campaign and players can choose to play as the IMC or militia in battle.  


          There are 15 map for multiplayer mode, folder and pictures of single folder has been leaked, Titanfall trying to combine the concept of single player in the gameplay from the beginning, although more focused on the multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode Titanfall can accommodate 12 player, in Titanfall have a folder that allows players move dynamically. In the map landscape Titanfall not an area of Battlefield, but do not forget that Titanfall, empunyai extra jet pack and the ability parkour- style Mirror' s Edge an easy in the execution, player can move quickly as possible across the area of both vertically or horizontal, player can do double jump up to wallrun to achieve desired point, so on the vertical Titanfall open more space to be explored in compare Battlefield.

        In addition to parkour, the main selling Titanfall which is also underlying its name is the player can call a mecha into the battlefield instantly after a specific time period. The robot called" Titan" This is the weapons of the most deadly, enough to get a little extra power to master the battle.    

" Titanfall" has animation outstanding at the robot Titan fall of space also in the battle is quite epic, but in the end Titan is not creatures of control you should fear. Titan is a big guns as of vulnerable, even Tank in Battlefield 4 is much more terrible, infantry with equipment that is not in accordance guaranteed run away. Titan different, Titan indestructible easily by attacking their weak point, also with double jump to ride backward Titan and damage the reactor Titan. Size do not be a guarantee, Titan remains the same vulnerability of the infantry. Titanfall presents the battle the balance, Titan has an attack GCC destructive but the movement of infantry much faster, even more dangerous of Titan because distance of view more extensive, in contrast to Titan that have a view limited, even a Titan need to escort infantry to anticipate the attacks of the corners of the unexpected make the battle in Titanfall very dynamic and need cooperation.    

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    In addition to parkour and mecha, Titanfall still give some innovations weapons, in each mission of each forces dilenkapi with three types of the main weapon, primary, secondary, and anti- titan. Smart Pistol MK5 is the weapons easiest to be aiming for anyone in front of us. Player also equipped with a cloak, the system that make player to be invicible in certain time to stay away from Titan or close to destroy it. Do not be outdone, the Titan also have a defense mechanisms such a wall magnets that is able to throw back enemy bullets. There are also item mechanical named" Burn Cards" which enable it will give buff of weapons more powerful up to hearing ability of marching feet in a certain radius to mengetehui enemy positions, this effect lost if the player dead. 

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For Desktop;

Minimum Requirements:
-Intel Celeron E3200 Dual-Core 2.4GHz  (AMD Athlon II x2 220)
-GeForce 8800GT   (Radeon HD 4770 512Mb)
-4Gb ram,Win7 64,DirectX 9,HDD space 20Gb
-Low setting

Medium Requirements:
-Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 GHz  (AMD Athlon II x2 280)
-GeForce GTS450  (AMD 5770 512Mb)
-6Gb ram,Win 7 64,DirectX 10,20Gb HDD space
-Medium-High setting

Recommended Requirements:
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz   (AMD Phenom II x4 820)
-GeForce GTX 560 (Radeon HD 6870)
-8 Gb ram,Win 7 64bit,DirectX 9,25 Gb HDD space
-High-ultra setting